TDS France

Qui Sommes Nous ?

TDS France SAS is a French software company, established to serve tyre retailers and tyre wholesalers alike.
Its core business is to cleanse stock data provided by wholesalers throughout the UK and the EU so as to make the information provided appropriate for the retail public.

TDS France's expertise in state of the art website development combined with tyre industry specific retail focus, dating back to 2009, includes the optimisation of pricing so that the tyre re-seller (retail or wholesale) is able to ensure up to date stock availability and pricing on any platform to which this information must be delivered.

Furthermore, TDS France creates SEO sensitive multiple network retail websites (UK and France) on behalf of its wholesale clients so that they in turn can facilitate the retail sales of their tyre fitter customers.

References include the retail solution for France's leading independent tyre wholesaler, geographically allocated stock availability for the UK's predominant online tyre site and tyre sourcing data for one of the world's largest fleet servicing, repair & maintenance transaction platforms.

For 2023, TDS France is launching a new parcel tracking service for the benefit of smaller independent delivery companies thereby enabling them to match the QOS of the major players in terms of customer information throughout the delivery process.